All Risks Insurance for Engineering Works

This kind of Insurance involves the Contractors’ work, Machinery Erections, Electronics and Equipment Installation. There are for examples:
  • Contractor’s All Risks Insurance  
    Covers damage to the contract work under the construction limit as contract value, including the liability to loss of life and properties of third party arising from the accident occurred during construction
  • Machinery Erection ALL Risks Insurance
    Covers the damage to the machinery during the installation or erection, starting from the transportation until the installation and test run finished
  • Constructor‘s Plant Equipments All Risk Insurance 
    Covers damage to the construction machinery such as cranes arising from the accident
  • Machinery Break Down
    Covers machinery which usually runs in line of production. Cover of machinery includes accidents from design defects, short circuit, faulty operation, lack of skill, etc.
  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance
    Cover explosion of boiler and pressurized tank arising from defects or mishandling. 

As this kind of insurance requires a lot of details of specific project, it is recommended that the insured should consult our staff for further detail.

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