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Product of Life Insurance

Life Insurance covers loss of life, permanent disability and loss of sight from even accident and sickness as a main coverage. Moreover, life insurance can be extended its coverage to cover medical expense and also a critical illness.  Financial Saving plan product is one of life insurance products.  To choose the plan which suitable to each person depending on many reasons such as 
  • To control budget of company expense in respect of employee benefit program
  • To protect against financial burdens of critical illness
  • To provide family peace of mind
  • To prepare for uncertainties in life 
  • To achieve goal of saving and pursue their dreams

We, therefore, recommend to contact us for consultation and we can feed back with our suitable quotation to serve your real requirement.  Our contact number is 02-2857575, or you can call marketing staff of Bangkok Chayoratn Co,. Ltd. for further information.