Motor Insurance

This insurance covers loss from car accident and there are two main types of policy

Compulsory Insurance
Every car must have compulsory insurance according to the Car Victims Protection Act B.E. 2535

Voluntary Insurance
There are three main classes of insurance. Usually each insurance company will make his own package of which additional coverage is added up.
  • Class 1 : covers damage to his own car from accident, fire, theft and liability to third party’s loss of life, injury and property
  • Class 2 : covers only fire and theft of insured car and includes third party’s liability
  • Class 3 : covers only loss of life, injury and property of third party 

Recently many insurance companies launch their package with additional risks cover in order to serve the need of clients. Therefore, policy 2+ or 3+, that enhances special coverage with repair coverage for the insured vehicle at the limited amount of sum insured, are popularly offered.

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